We both come from broad acre wheat and sheep farming backgrounds. Mahlon from Katanning WA and Debra from Grenfell NSW. Having worked all our married life in manufacturing and retail, when the opportunity came along for us to purchase a small farm in October 2000 we jumped at it.

First up we started with what we knew, sheep, 200 merino ewes. Our first lambing was disastrous, so many foxes coming in from the reserves all around us. Deb had read about alpacas as flock guards so we went looking. The more we looked the more we liked alpacas and ended up buying three females and two cria. About two months later we bought a wether and put in with the sheep which were just starting to lamb. It was brilliant to watch this animal look after our sheep and lambs. We had very few losses from there on.

From here we started our alpaca breeding program, initially concentrating on white and light fawn, then into black and a few fawns and browns. We love the fibre from alpacas and are constantly improving and growing our herd (now over 200, 2020). Sheep numbers have been reduced to approximately 60 super fine merino ewes.

We are both committed to this industry and see a great future ahead. Mahlon and Deb have both been involved at a regional level being on the committee for a number of years, Mahlon serving three years as regional president, and 2 years on the Australian Alpaca Association Ltd board.